Mark II Coal Stove

Mark II Coal Stove by Legacy Stoves

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The Mark II is a powerful, easy-to-operate coal stove. An
uncompromising commitment to quality is evident with solid, precision-welded
¼-inch steel. A blower system and specially designed baffle circulate heat
throughout your home, not up the chimney.

  •  Up to 72,000 BTUs
  • Heats 1,500 to 3,800 sq ft
  • Up to 24 hour burn times
  • Standard blower
  • Spiral Chamber
  • Legacy Grate System
  • Domestic hot water coil option

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BTU Output and Recommended Maintenance for Mark I Coal Stove

Spiral Chamber Illustrated

Gas Flow in the Mark II Spiral Chamber

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty